Permanent jewellery

Go claspless! 

What is permanent jewellery? 

Permanent jewellery is the newest concept in fine jewellery. It’s the process of having a fine chain micro welded on to your wrist, ankle or finger in the matter or milliseconds. Experience the spark with a pair of auto darkening glasses of course and never loose your jewellery again. You can choose from a myriad of metals of all different price points and even add a details. If you’re looking for something to do with your bestie, mama, daughter, partner and a group of friends permanent jewellery is the  best way to bond. Come visit Aleksandra in Niagara at her Crystal Beach studio to experience the spark.  Prices range depending on metal.

Sterling silver ranges from $75-$125

14 karat gold filled ranges from $100-$145

Solid 10 karat gold ranges from $195-$275

*details start at $15